Corporate Partners, 基金会, & 奖助金

工商业, 基金会, 政府实体, Educational Institutions, Individuals and other partners are an important source of support providing critical resources for Thaddeus Stevens College. Such partnerships provide scholarships and financial aid; faculty support; innovative programming; machinery, 技术,  and program materials and software for our classroom laboratories; library books and materials; dorm room furniture; capital improvements; automobiles and there are many other opportunities to explore and develop partnership programs or endow a legacy. We invite you to explore the various ways you can start a partnership with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology now...

  • Adopt one of our 技术 departments by installing the newest machinery 技术 for students to train on and hone their skills. A valuable experience for  workforce readiness.
  • Provide funds for an endowed or annual scholarship for deserving students
  • Endow a 技术 program, Department Chair or Faculty position
  • Support our College in the High School program where local high school students receive concurrent high school graduation credits and college credits by taking advanced courses at Thaddeus Stevens College.
  • Provide resources for our Library and 体育运动 programs
  • Fund our new certificate programs  in Historic Preservation Trades and Renewable Energy
  • Support student activities in Skills USA and other student leadership programs
  • Fund the installation of a campus portal and other 技术 upgrades
  • Fund a Tool Sponsorship that provides tools of trade required of students for their courses
  • Naming opportunities are available for partners that would like to invest in our current and future capital expansion projects in program 技术, student activities and support services, 教室, conference and administrative centers

These are just a few partnership opportunities available. Many others exist and we are open to explore other areas of interest.  Private support is an investment in Thaddeus Stevens College students and faculty and helps us to maintain a leadership role in training students for the workforce.