A loan is a type of financial aid that is available to 学生s 和/or parents to assist in covering educational expenses that are not covered by grants 和/or scholarships. 学生贷款有两种类型: 联邦私人.


The interest rate for the Direct Subsidized 和 Unsubsidized 贷款 first disbursed on or after July 1, 2023, 七月一日之前, 2024, is 5.50%. 在10月1日或之后首次发放的贷款, 2020, 10月1日之前, 2024, 会有1英镑的费用吗.057%.

  • 联邦直接补贴贷款-资助有经济需要的学生. 美国.S. Department of Education pays the interest on the loan while you are in school.

  • 联邦直接无补贴贷款-学生在学校的时候兴趣就会积累起来. 这也是一种非需求贷款.

  • 家长PLUS贷款 – Your parents may qualify for a 联邦维irect 家长PLUS贷款 to help you pay for college. This type of loan enables your parent to borrow up to an amount equal to your total cost of attendance at 塞迪斯史蒂文斯学院 minus any other financial aid you receive.
    • 在7月1日或之后首次发放的直接PLUS贷款的利率, 2023, 七月一日之前, 2024, is 8.05%.
    • 在10月1日或之后首次发放的贷款, 2020, 10月1日之前, 2024, 会有4英镑的费用吗.228%.
  • 选择贷款 - If you require additional funds after all Federal-aid 和 institutional aid has been awarded, 你可以申请一个 另类学生贷款. These loans typically require a cosigner 和 are from a 私人 lending institution.
    • 浮动利率或固定利率
    • 变量的费用
    • 有几个方案可供你考虑.  贷款条件各不相同,所以你要做一个尽职尽责的消费者 和 review multiple loans options.



Financial Need will determine what amount a 学生 is eligible for in Subsidized or Unsubsidized funds. If a 学生 is an independent or a dependent 学生 whose parent has been denied for a 家长PLUS贷款, 该学生有资格获得额外的4美元,000美元的联邦直接无补贴贷款. 如果学生接受其他经济援助,贷款金额可能会少一些.


  • You may cancel all or a portion of the loan within 14 days of the date the school notifies you that the loan funds have been credited to your account.
  • The loan funds are disbursed via EFT transfer to 学生s' accounts each semester, 于指定普查日期后开始.  After the initial disbursement, funds are reviewed for disbursement as needed.
  • 你是借款人.
  • 这笔贷款必须偿还给美国.S. 教育部(USDE).
  • You cannot receive a 联邦维irect 贷款 worth more than the cost of attendance.
  • 开始还款 六个月 after you graduate or are no longer enrolled in courses worth at least six credits.
  • 你只能获得项目学习时间150%的贷款.
  • 10月1日或之后首次付款的贷款费用, 2020年及10月1日之前, 2024年是1年.057%.
  • For the 2023-2024 academic year, the interest rate for subsidized 和 unsubsidized loans is 5.50%.
  • 贷款还款时间表和MPN条款和条件可在 学生aid.政府.
  • 付款后,您的贷款信息将与银行共享 国家学生贷款数据系统 (NSLDS). 授权机构、贷方和机构都可以访问它. The loan servicer assigned to your loan will be available by logging into the 联邦学生援助网站, 以及查看“我的贷款服务”部分的信息.
  • Upon separation from the College, 学生 loan borrowers are required to complete Exit 咨询 at 学生aid.政府.

联邦维irect 加上贷款

We request that you do not apply for a PLUS loan until May 1 for the upcoming academic year. 这确保了信用检查不会过期.

  • 网上申请: 学生aid.政府.
  • 在“申请资助”下选择“申请家长PLUS贷款”."
  • 使用家长的FSA用户ID登录.
  • 完成四步申请流程, allowing the Department of Education to check their credit 和 approve them for the loan.
  • 点击完成主本票(MPN) , 选择PLUS MPN为家长,并按照提供的说明.
  • 填写PLUS贷款表格
  • 学生 一定是令人满意的 学术的进步


  • FAFSA必须完成.
  • 学生 每学期必须至少修6个学分.
  • 家长必须通过信用审查. 如果父母被拒绝, 学生 可能有资格获得额外的$4,每学年获得联邦直接无补贴贷款.
  • 付款可延期至 学生 在学校注册.
  • 利息从贷款发放之日起计算.
  • Funds are disbursed via EFT to 学生s accounts each semester 于指定普查日期后开始. After the initial disbursement, funds are reviewed for disbursement as needed.
  • 10月1日或之后首次付款的贷款费用, 2020年及10月1日之前, 2024年的费用为4美元.在支付时从贷款总额中扣除228%. 
  • 在2023-2024学年,贷款的固定利率为8%.05%. 
  • 付款后,您的贷款信息将与银行共享 国家学生贷款数据系统 (NSLDS). 授权机构、贷方和机构都可以访问它. The loan servicer assigned to your loan will be available by logging into the 联邦学生援助网站, 以及查看“我的贷款服务”部分的信息.


  • 在校期间不需要支付任何费用.
  • 付款前有6个月的宽限期.
  • 拖延和忍耐 协助的选项 成功的 还款.


在你考虑另一种贷款之前, make sure you have determined your eligibility for 联邦维irect 贷款 和 联邦维irect 加上贷款s. 然后,考虑其他的选择来资助你的教育.

你可以自由选择任何你想要的贷款人. 贷款条件各不相同,所以你要做一个尽职尽责的消费者. Compare a historical list of lenders that other 学生s have used over the past four years.

注意: The Office of 金融援助 provides borrowers with a list of historical lenders. 这些贷款机构已经确立了自己作为优质机构的基础 贷款服务的效率, 对问题的回应, 服务质量, 借款人的利益. 你选择的贷款人是贷款过程中非常重要的一步. Although 塞迪斯史蒂文斯学院 of Technology’s Office of 金融援助 provides a historical lender list, 借款人可以自由选择任何贷款人. Borrowers will not be denied or caused any unnecessary delay in certification for choosing a lender, 不在我们的推荐名单上. The Office of 金融援助 meets with lenders on a regular basis to examine new products, 服务, 和 benefits for our 学生s to make sure we are providing the best options.


It is important for 学生s to underst和 that when borrowing loans that money must be repaid at a later time. 如果你已经毕业了, 从塞迪斯·史蒂文斯学院退学或被开除, 你需要填写一份表格 联邦直接贷款退出咨询.

After Completing the Exit 咨询 you should also review the following information on the 联邦学生援助网站.

  1. 借款总额.
  2. 的详细示例 还款方式 以及最能满足你需求的时间表.
  3. 贷款 合并选项.
  4. 贷款服务商联系信息. The loan servicer is the company that h和les the billing 和 other 服务 on your Federal 学生 loan(s). The contact information will be listed under the "My 贷款 Servicers" section of the dashboard.


    If you find you are having trouble making your monthly loan payments reach out to your servicer. They can help you to determine if you qualify for deferment or forbearance of your payments, 或提供其他还款选择,以满足您的需求.

    Although some of the deferments 和 forbearances allow you to place your loans on hold for a few months at a time, 它们应该适量使用.  每一次延期和容忍都有一个时间限制, 一旦花费了最大的时间, 你将不再有资格再次获得它们. 

    Difficulty making payments can lead to your account becoming delinquent (past due), 继续拖欠会导致你的贷款违约.  

    • 拖欠:当你的账户拖欠时, 90天或更长时间的助学贷款, your loan servicer will report the delinquency to the three major national credit bureaus. You will receive phone calls 和 letters from your servicer to notify you of the missed payment.  如果付款或其他安排没有作出, this can lead to credit reporting 和 possible outsourcing of your loan to an outside collection agency.
    • Default:  Occurs if you fail to make payments according to the terms of your Master Promissory Note, 你的贷款已经拖欠270天了.  如果你的贷款违约, 你将面临账户余额全部到期的风险, 可能会被起诉, 如果你回到学校,就没有资格获得未来的学生贷款, 所得税扣押, 从你的薪水中扣款, 信用报告.

    Additional information on ways to avoid delinquency 和 default can be found on the 联邦学生援助网站.

    避免违约的最好方法是 M.A.N.A.G.E 你的贷款:

    • M -监控你的债务
    • A -避免过度使用信用卡和过度借贷.
    • N -需要整理贷款文件.
    • A -熟悉你的贷款服务机构.
    • G -了解你的贷款条款和还款条件.
    • E -建立每月预算以确保付款及时.